Frequently Asked Questions

Handmade Reusable Mask Details


Question: What kind of fabric is used for the mask?


Answer: Depending on the mask that you have selected, the materials range from Cotton Blend, 100% Cotton, 100% Egyptian Cotton or 100% Polyester. The type of fabric used for each mask is indicated in the description of each individual mask.


Question: What is the difference between all the fabrics use?



100% Egyptian Cotton fabrics are known to be softer, finer and more durable than 100% Cotton fabrics. This fabric comes only in single colors with no designs which are most suitable for kids and adults with sensitive skin or looking for something simple for everyday wear.


100% Cotton fabrics are comfortable, soft and breathable, they are also able to hold dyes well which is why all the printed fabrics in our collection are 100% Cotton. These masks are most suitable for someone looking for interesting masks for everyday wear.


Polyester fabrics that are used for the masks in our collection are spunlace non woven fabric used to manufacture operating room scrubs.


Question: What are the different sizes available for the masks?


Answer: There are different sizes available, each individual mask description would clearly indicate the measurements. Please do take note that these masks are handmade and would have a variance of size +/- 3%.


The generic sizes are:


Adult L: 23cm across / 16cm down


Adult S: 21cm across / 14cm down


Kids L: 19cm across / 12cm down


Kids S: 17cm across / 10cm down


Question: Why is there no M (medium) sizing?


Answer: We wanted to streamline the production process and provide masks to as many people as people within the shortest time frame. During the research stage, we took over 100 measurements of individual’s faces and came up with possible sizing options that would fit most of the population and ages. The difference between a size M is 1cm which is not significant when a mask is worn, thus we chose to leave that size out in our production.


Question: What can I do if the ear loops are too long?


Answer: We have made the loops longer to accommodate wider faces; you can tie a knot on the ear elastic to make the loops shorter.


Question: Do you have adjustable ear loops?


Answer: We are currently sourcing for adjustable ear loops and will update the description of the masks that have it. When we first started production of the masks end of March, most shipping lines were closed and materials were out of stock, we used what we had to make it work.


Question: If I have purchased the wrong size mask, can I exchange or refund the mask?


Answer: For hygiene purpose, there are strictly no refund or exchange of masks. We encourage you to gift the mask to someone that will benefit from it.


Question: Is the fabric mask sufficient protection?


Answer:  For those who are interested in statistics and numbers, please have a look at this link In essence, a fabric mask does not have 100% coverage, but combined with hygienic practices of washing your hands and changing your masks daily, it should be sufficient.


Question: How can I add additional protection level to my fabric mask?


Answer: Should it give you peace of mind, all our mask comes with a kangaroo pouch / side opening for you to insert a spare surgical mask or a piece of waterproof material or the masks inserts sold online. Our masks itself are 2 layers and 2 ply for each layer.


Question: Can I customize my mask with embroidery or print?


Answer: Please contact us at +65 87421282 or email us at



Care Instructions


Question: How to prevent the darker colors from running/bleeding?


Answer: Add salt or white vinegar to water and soak your masks in the solution for an hour before washing.


Question: How do I wash the reusable masks?


Answer: Hand wash your masks with light soap and hang out to air dry.


Question: Can I iron my mask?


Answer: You can use a warm iron to press the fabric portion of the mask only.



Payment Options:


Question: How do I pay for my order?


Answer: At this current moment, we are accepting PayNow/PayLah payment methods. We will be adding on online payment methods shortly. For those that have made payment, please send us a screen shot of the payment to +65 87421282 or email us at


Question: Do you accept credit card payments?


Answer: Not at this present moment, please be patient with us while we set up online credit card payments methods.



Delivery and Shipping Details


Question: How long will it take to receive my order?



Local Delivery and Shipping (Singapore):

Unsecured  - The price that you pay for the mask(s) includes free postage by SingPost (We are not responsible for any lost items).

Secured - A fee of $5 per address will be charged for courier service, your orders will reach your doorstep between 1 – 3 working days .


Overseas Delivery:

We will advise you of the cost of postage and provide you with a tracking number for you to track your order.


Question: Can I arrange to self collect my order?


Answer: Please contact us at +65 87421282 or email us at



Donation and Pay It Forward


Question: Can I directly donate masks to a specific organization / families / groups of people?


Answer: Yes you can! Just let us know the details and we will handle the order and local (Singapore) delivery for you. For mask orders to donate to an organization, please contact us at +65 87421282 or email us at


Question: Who does the Pay It Forward masks go to?


Answer: The Pay It Forward masks goes to any organizations, groups of people or families that approaches us. A large portion of masks goes to cleaners, hawker stalls owners and workers, petrol station uncles and aunties, the senior citizens that we meet along the street whom are not wearing a reusable mask.


Question: Who have benefitted from the Pay It Forward masks and who have we donated masks to?


Answer: 500 masks were donated to nurses for them to have a comfortable mask to wear to and fro from work or on their rest days. 100 masks were donated to Beautiful People, an organization that supports low income families. 200 masks were given out to construction workers and cleaners around the neighborhood, 50 masks were given out to the senior citizens that we meet on the streets. Till date, the number of masks that we have donated is more than the Pay It Forward amount received.



Contact Details


Question: How do I contact you?


Answer: You can contact us through WhatApp at +65 87421282 or email us at



About Starfish Project Love


Question: What is Starfish Project Love about?


Answer: Starfish Project Love  is set up to contribute back to society, to make a difference to organizations, groups of people through our products and services.


Question: Why call it Starfish Project Love?


Answer: Love is the foundation that had us set up such a project and we were inspired by the Starfish Story where we know we can make a difference one person at a time, one product at a time.


Question: Who is behind Starfish Project Love?


Answer: Kenneth and Lyn whom are the co founders of A Gentleman’s Tale.